Our aims

The PROBE-Net Centre of Research Excellence has three scientific aims which are directed towards prevention, early detection and treatment of oesophageal diseases. Underlying these aims are seven goals that encapsulate our entire program of work.

Aim 1: Preventing cancers

A. Identify the factors that cause Barrett’s oesophagus and cancer, and then develop tools to help doctors and patients manage their risks 

Aim 2: Detecting cancers early

B. Identify the factors that signal a higher than average risk of Barrett’s oesophagus progressing to cancer

C. Understand the biology of how cells progress from normal to cancer 

D. Develop strategies to prevent or delay progression to cancer

Aim 3: Better treatments

E. Identify markers that indicate that a person’s cancer will respond to treatment 

F. Develop new treatments 

G. Establish better delivery of clinical services to the community